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Into the world of NFT's for Photographers

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After loosing my little party hat on Clubhouse and 1 week into the world of NFT's I felt the need to write a blog about my personal journey into the wondrous world of NFT's. I have been listening in the different Clubhouse rooms and asked the questions every NFT newbie will have.

I am convinced NFT's are the way to go for selling and buying art, it's just very early days still, but the sooner you start to understand the landscape, the sooner you can navigate your way into it.

The purpose of this blog is to help other Newbies take their first baby steps just like I did.

Many of the more advanced NFT users are advising to first read the Open Sea Bible, so I have added it here for you to read.

Open Sea Bible

After opening a Coinbase and MetaMask wallet, you can open your account with Open Sea, click on the link below;

Open Sea

For me it was also helpful to follow the guys from NFTs Tips on Clubhouse, Instagram and Twitter


It is very early days and this blog is far from finished, so keep following me for more useful NFT information for Photographers to save you time in your search.

If you would like to add to this post, feel free to reach out to me. The short term goal is to get more and more artists as well as buyers interested in NFT's.

I am starting my own room on Clubhouse to talk about the Business Model for Artists, integrating NFT's. Opening a Clubhouse room Sunday, March 14th at 17.00 Amsterdam time, see you there!

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