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Epson V700 & V750 scanning 110 negative quickly

Bijgewerkt op: 21 mei 2020

During this Corona pandemic I took on the project of (finally) scanning all my old negatives staring at me from too many boxes for the past 30 years.

This time I was brave and decided to actually part with my physical negatives forever. The Epson V750 with 35mm transparency holders were the perfect companions to use, all my 35mm negatives were scanned-in at no time. But I was left with a book full of old 110 negatives and no holder to put them in. Google help!!

So here are my failed attempts that you will not have to go through, lucky you;

1. tried laying the negatives flat on the scanner, but this did not return good quality scans.

2. found information about cutting them up and sliding them in the larger format holders, but it was really hard to cut them the correct length, they will fall out (I tried), you would loose some images because of it and it would take a forever to do it that way.

3. order a holder via Alibaba, not knowing if it would ever arrive (I did loose money before on Alibaba, never receiving product) I needed this today, not in many weeks from now on boats arriving from China

I wanted a quicker way to do this, wheels in my head started turning, results below;

Here are steps I took and in only a few days I was able to scan them all and throw them away to never look back. This image is the shortcut to how I did it, easy peezy;

Step 1:

Take the 35mm transparency holder, take out the little click-in thingies, you don't need those

Step 2:

Search all your drawers and find some double sided photo tape, or order it and move on to another project for today, avoid frustrating yourself at all times

Step 3:

Stick the tape on the side of the transparency holder, as close to the edge as possible

Step 4:

Take off the protective layer of the tape

Step 5:

Fold over the tape so it is creates a sticky band you can put the negatives on

Step 6:

Look at the negative and see if you can read the numbers correctly

Step 7:

Turn the negative with the readable numbers facing downwards and stick it to the tape exposing as much of the negative as possible. The image on the transparency holder should also help you figure out how to place the negative, but 110 numbers read backwards to begin with..

Step 8:

Jiggle the negative a little so it is as flat in the holder as possible, not bending upwards or downwards.

Step 9:

Place the transparency holder in the scanner and you are good to go!

(Don't walk away for coffee or food after placing them in the scanner, the scanner heat will make them bend eventually, so work quickly)

Don't let the scanner heat up too much in general, it will bend the negatives.

Tip 1: select the strips one by one, to get the best automatic correction, you can scan them all at once, saving each strip in a separate file.

Tip 2: Peel the negatives off the sticky tape carefully so you can re-use many times

Step 10: Let us know your experience below 👇 and feel free to comment if this has helped you.

It might encourage me to write more of these time saving, quickie solutions, making your life easier. I know I am in search every day to find time saving creative solutions, freeing up more time to to search for time saving creative solutions.

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