NFTs by marieke.eth

My NFTs are available in the following collections;

WORLD OF WONDERS        Landscape and nature photography

WAD OF WONDERS             Landscape and nature photography specific to the Wadden Islands and Wadden Sea

MARIEKE                               Photography disciplines I also enjoy like portraits, stills, macro, and nudes

MRK                                       Mixed media work


My NFTs can be found on the following platforms;



Depending of the artwork I will offer the following type of NFTs;
1/1                        unique 1 of 1 digital version, no limited edition prints
3/3                        3 digital versions, no limited edition prints
33/33                   33 digital versions, no limited edition prints
33/33 Hybrid*     a mix between digital NFTs and previously sold certified limited editions, where the total NFTs and prints will never exceed the limit of the edition.
The royalties for secondary sales is set to 10%, this means when you sell my work for more, you will receive 90% of the revenues of the secondary sale. 
Prices ranging from 0.2 eth to 5 eth If you see an image you would like me to mint as an NFT feel free to reach out so I can give priority to this image over others. I will donate 5% of all sales to different charities.